Caring Canines Visiting Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Models of Patience
Several caring canines model for gate advertisement

In August of 2008, Caring Canines was asked to particiapte in an advertisement for "household doggie gates." Four of our volunteers brought their canine pals to Dover, MA and each spent a day being photographed with professional models to demonstrate a new line of protective home gates for dogs. The advertisements will be in flyers this coming holiday season so look for the Caring Canines in color when you are shopping.

Babysitter, Bella, a Golden Retriever, watches her little pal carefully.

Casey, a Tibetan Terrier, is happily close, but not too close.

Dinner preparation and Emily, a Sheltie, gets to smell, but not touch.

Naptime comes and little Bichon Sheyn waits patiently for his "hu-mom" to return from story-time.

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